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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  November 2, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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eastern. and back monday as well. four days to election day. thanks for being with us. the best election c captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> greta: tonight, hold on to your seat. they are all fired up! >> i know he that when i'm elected the economy and the american job market will still be stagnant. but i won't waste any time complaining about my predecessor. and by the way, i'm not just going to take office on january 20, i'm going to take responsibility for that office as well. >> this is a choice not just between two candidates or two parties. it is a choice between two fundmentally different visions of america. it is a choice between going back to the top down policies that crashed our economy or assessing the kinds of policies that will make sure we have got a strong and growing middle class. that is the choice. >> i think if people look to the future they realize the
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last four years haven't worked and that mitt romney is the only one with a plan to turn things around. >> i want the election over with us i want to win it. i want to start moving forward. i want to stop this regression that we are in. economic recession. the silly transformation of america obama has undertaken. we want to get busy and start reversing this. the enthusiasm and momentum there is no question where it is. it is for romney. >> presidential elections unlike any other come down to character. character. character. character is the most important ingredient a president must possess to lead a great nation and lead the world and it is clear who has character and it is clear who doesn't have character. >> my guy, be barack obama, he's got characteristic. we need a leader to clear the barriers. we need a leader to get behind our people. to get behind progrowth proven solutions to get people back to work. real recovery and that means we
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elect mitt romney the next president of the united states. >> they are excited today because unemployment didn't go back to 8%. it is 7.9%. they should be ashamed of themselves! >> i believe in america. i believe in the american people. and if there is any one worried that the last four years are the best we can do, if there is any one who fears that the american dream is fading, if there is any one who wonders whether better joshe jobs and y checks are things of the past i have a clear and uneconpetitive cal message. >> he has been disaster. the worst president for our economy in our lifetime. he doesn't want a second term. he wants a second chance. because he screwed it up the first time. and you know what stands in his way? you know what is going to stop him? ohio!
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>> greta: you know who that was. that was former new york city mayor rudy giuliani hitting the campaign trail for governor romney in ohio today. he joins us from cincinnati. nice to see you, mr. mayor. >> nice to see you, greta, how are you? >> very well. before we get to your statements just a second ago and looks like you are not taking any prisoners on that. you were at a rally tonight for the governor. i'm curious who else was there and how many people. did you you get a look at the crowd? >> 30 to 35,000. there for three, three and a half hours in kind of cold weather. didn't bother them at all. just about every republican you can think of was here. john mccain. john kasich the governor, senator portman, senator graham. republicans from all over the country. they are all going to leave here and fan out over the country in support of mitt romney. i will be in wisconsin tomorrow. florida the next day. maybe pennsylvania. they are going to probably
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decide that as we move along. but the idea was all of the supporters here tonight supporting mitt romney and paul ryan and starting tomorrow morning they will all be in the different parts of the country probably mostly in the swing states. >> greta: is there any way to when he sure, ohio tonight? i know that everyone on the republican side says governor romney is going to win and everybody on president obama's side says he is going to win. how do you measure it tonight? >> i mean you know obviously, i guess an obama rally you would feel differently. at this rally it seems like he has enormous enthusiasm. this has the feeling of a winning campaign. the enthusiasm here tonight was tremendous. if this s a is swing state i feel good about it even if the polls about even and even if obama has a lead of one or two i suspect the undecided votes are going to go to mitt romney. i have a pretty good feeling about ohio. and if he wins ohio, i think he
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wins and maybe president obama could feel the same way about it. this is probably the key state. >> greta: why do you all leave, ohio, and spread out across the country? why don't you all just stay in ohio if that is so important, got to get every vote there. >> because you got to make sure you win the others too. you have to make sure you win, virginia, and win colorado and win wisconsin and you win florida. florida you can't take for granted. florida is just as critical. maybe more in ohio. we all feel i think. >> greta: it looks like we have some satellite trouble. we have lost the mayor. we -- the governor, of course, you see on the screen here. just to give you sort of a heads up what has been going on in ohio today. westchester, ohio and this is supposedly one of the biggest rallies that governor romney has had as they sort of move into the closing part of this campaign. at the campaign today -- at the rally, speaker of the house
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boehner, senator john mccain, mayor giuliani, senator rubio. they brought out all of the stars of the republican party because there is no doubt everybody thinks this is the key state. the fbi is finally on the ground in tunisia thanks to two republican united states senators. president obama didn't make it happen. it was republican senators saxby chandlis. tonight the fbi is finally in tunisia to question in person the man caught on video during the attack. how can two republican senators get done in two days what the president of the united states could not get done in weeks? senator lindsey graham joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening. >> greta: what what is the explanation? i would think with all due respect to the united states senate that in you are the president of the united states you have more muscle than you
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do if you are a member of the u.s. senate and the fbi has been trying to talk to this man in tunisia. tunisia has said no and then you and senator chandliss got into it two nights ago and voila, you could talk to him. >> i wrote a letter three days ago to the ambassador, u.s. ambassador, tunisia ambassador to the united states saying this is a defining moment in our relationship. i know tunisia well. i know the prime minister. and within two days we were able to get the fbi on the ground. i want to thank the tunisian government for making this person available to be interviewed by our law enforcement occasions, our investigative team. it is not enough to write questions. you have to be on the ground to look people in the eye and too yearia came through and two days after the letter here we are. >> greta: and it is quite extraordinary because the investigation has been stuck
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and my hat goes off to you forgetting it down, for picking up the ball and running with it. but the president of the united states i suspect has just as much influence if not more than two u.s. senators so what is your explanation for the fact that you guys had to jump into this? >> my belief is that this administration is trying to run out the clocking when it comes to benghazi. this is a story that changes by the day. what do we know. we know that before the a i tack in april and june of this year the consulate was attacked twice. we know that the british withdrew their -- closed their consulate after the british ambassador was attacked in june. we know the red cross closed their office in benghazi after the attack on the red cross office. we know that on august 15 ambassador stevens and his security team met and discussed the fact that ten al-qaeda groups have been identified to be roaming around benghazi and that they told the state department secretary clinton august 16 if there is a
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coordinated al-qaeda attack the consulate will be overrun. that is what we know before the attack. during the attack we know that 7-8 hours goes by and not one military person was able to help these poor people for over 7 hours on september 11. after the attack they blamed it on a video, a mob and riot that never existed. the president has been awol when it comes to benghazi. they have been denying and deceiving the public. >> greta: it is absolutely extraordinary because you said that he was going to get us answers. and i'm not suggesting -- >> yeah, right. >> greta: and i'm not suggesting that the fbi interrogation be made public but ma more sense to get him in a time close to the event rather than waiting three
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years or three months or whatever. and it is -- i mean it is extraordinary that we would not have wanted to get in there quicker or even in the fbi or the fbi director i'm surprised he didn't hound the president. want to find out what happened in this murder, let's move fast now especially since anybody else who is involved is going to scatter. >> this has been the story of libya for months. the people on the ground in libya are beg gd and pleading for additional security. they are being denied additional security. military and civilian security, u.s. security because we wanted to "normalize relationships with libyan government that didn't exist in benghazi." this has been a travesty of errors and income pa tensecy and a lack of leadership by the president. al-qaeda is aleve and well
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throughout the mid east. they are counting attacking and our attack on the consulate in libya is exhibit a of a failed foreign policy of leading from behind. you could see this coming for months. the people on august 145 had a meeting and said we could not withstand a coordinated attack. >> there is that and all of this sort of alarms or red lights whether it is the attack in june or whatever in terms of yurt. then stage two as to what has happened since then. it was that no one bothered to see this too niece yan guy. there is even more than that. is that the fbi did visit benghazi after the attack sometime and left. but then fast forward to last week, october 26, be foreign policy journalists go in there after people have been walking all over the place and looking at that time and they he
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recovered documents is that are critical to this investigation. like the fbi didn't even bother. like nobody be even cared that four americans are dead. it is a snap by investigation. four people died. you you wouldn't even see that kind of investigation in a local homicide case. >> i hope the people of the united states who really do care about our national security will understand the poor leadership by this president. governor cristie stays i was called three times by the trees what did i do to help the people of michael jackson. the president has taken on acorn show. this has really been no effort by this administration to help the people when they were underattack. this administration ignored many warnings coming from benghazi, libya about the state of play. they have been telling us and the entire world al-qaeda has been dismantled. it was clear to anybody who was
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listening that was peaking benghazi over. during the apack, he said he reported people to help those in libya to come to the aid of the people in libya. not one person came to his aid. did he ignore the order or never make the order? the person i blame above all else is president barack obama. he has oversold the dismantling of ail quaid. he spiked the ball when bin laden was killed and created a seps of security that doesn't exist and he let these poor people in libya go into a death trap and didn't do anything about it. >> greta: but go back to my point that once all that happened and these and the americans want to know what happened to the murder -- any murder investigation if he doesn't pore to say to the vector of the fbi look, if you
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have double pleating 450 tunisia 88' get the call. >> howard would it have been for the president to pick up the phone to the prime minister of tunisia and say we are not asking you to turn him over to us. we just want access to this witness. we want to be good allies. we are helping your country get back on your feet. four americans were murdered the first ambassador in 3 years. i want tophet to the bottom of this, i need your hope. one, a and 48 hours later the nib is on the ground. there is knosps of urgency about this investigation. they are trying to run out the clock. >> greta: you say it is no sense of urgency. i frankly don't think -- i don't think he cares. fy were in charge of the investigation -- >> i'm not going to say that. >> greta: if you want to get the facts, he is a lawyer. you move in really fast.
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if you have got someone who s a suspect on the scene who is part of this, you know the sperm is in custody. you don't sit around and say let's talk to him next year. any detective in any homicide case is going to tell you don't just ignore. >> they didn't want the truth to come out, if it does come out and becomes crystal clear to the american people it will show that the foreign policy is not working, that al-qaeda has not been dismantled, they are very much on the rise and leading from behind is not a viable strategy to make it safe in a dangerous world. that is why they are not pecking up the phone and calling people. what any other person would do if they wanted to get to the bottom of it. they don't want to get to the bottom of libya before the election. they want the heat election to come and then they will worry about libya later.
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thank goode for fox news. thank god for other outlets like a press and people in the house and senate we wouldn't know big about libya. this president promised transparently and the only way to find out anything is to have brave americans come forward and tell you the truth in spite of what the administration is trying to do. >> senator, i am going to take the last word on that. thank you, sir. >> thank you you. >> greta: straight ahead, back to former new york bayer rudy giuliani. wore, next. also, early voting. who is heading to the who wills in the spring states. our ex-letter political panel our ex-letter political panel is here to balk about that, [ male announcer ] in a world where breakfast
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>> greta: is the final push for the swing states. now, let's go back to former new york city mayor rudy giuliani in ohio who has been braving the cold for us patiently. thank you for the little , bearing withlem anda bearing
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us talk about benghazi. a man who the cia identified as a tunisian at the scene on the day of the attack. he was picked up in turkey and turned over to tunisia and they had him and we didn't interview him because the united states it reports couldn't get access to the man. that went on for quite is some time and two u.s. senators two nights ago decide they will make a phone call and also send a letter and now the fbi is on the ground in tunisia with access to them. would you ever in a million years have not pushed forward to get access to him the minute you heard of him? >> greta, i don't understand anything about benghazi. i think this is a -- this is so perplexing and it is a real scandal. the reality is the fbi took two weeks, what, two, three weeks to get in after the murders took place? i mean that is totally crazy. we had -- we had our consulate
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personnel in a city that is so dangerous that the fbi can't get in for two weeks? so that by the time they do the investigation pretty much a useless homicide investigation two weeks later. you know that, i know that. lindsay graham and john mccain got access to the guy and the fbi couldn't get akron is 70s to him? i was is with lindsay all night tonight. we had a long time to talk about this. the whole situation with benghazi is completely perplexing and what we get for electing a man who wasn't ready lead this country, barack obama. that is exactly whey feared four years ago when got eledged. wasn't prepared to lead this country. we still don't have an answer to the the simple question did the president of the united states know about the two prior attacks on that consulate. if he did know about the two prior attacks, the then what te heck did he do about it? why didn't he give more security to the council and why was he ignoring the fact that the british had to pull out?
10:23 pm
why was he ignoring the prior attacks. it would be a tragedy if this election takes place and the president isn't required to answer those questions and then we get some kind of answer later that we are going to be very unhappy with. >> greta: i don't understand even though and i know you have respect for the fbi and so do i and they didn't get in for two or three weeks in the area but now we he learn that last week foreign policy journalists go back to the scene after it has been tampered with, walked through, contaminated or whatever and find two draft letters by the ambassador of the united states in which he talks about his fears but also talk about that morning seeing what they think is an inside job they see their own place, libyan security across the street taking pictures inside. that is october 26. why didn't the fbi seize that? this is a murder investigation. >> i don't know. i mean the only thing i can say is there was no urgency placed on this from the top by the
10:24 pm
campaigner in chief barack obama who treated this with a bunch of phoney stories for about two weeks. apparently for three or four months was ignoring the situation in benghazi with clear warnings. i mean there was -- there was an attack on the consulate and there was a hole in the wall 12 feet wide. what, did somebody have to hit him on the head to wake him up? and the president of the united states didn't give the consulate more security? this is -- i don't have the answers to this ex-is september this s a president that was so desperate to paint this picture that he had dehe feeted al-qaeda that -- defeated al-qaeda that he got bin laden and therefore everything is over and not to worry and libya was a big success that he was ignoring facts that nobody else would ignore. >> greta: and i don't want to beat a dead horse but these are americans. they were murdered. they have families. some have kids. and i have never seen a murder investigation where it looked like people just didn't give a
10:25 pm
damn because everybody in this country knows how you do murder investigations. you do everything you possibly can to get the facts very early on. you don't look the other way. you don't make up phoney stories. you don't have a rush to judgment. you don't come up with a theory. you actually get in there and talk to the people who know something. we knew where someone was who had some information and we didn't push to interview him and then we have to have the immediatey turn up startling documents after the fbi has been there and left and who knows what else is there. it is the most disgraceful murder investigation i have ever seen in my life. >> second or third day i kind of smelled a coverup and if this isn't a coverup i don't know what is a coverup from the very beginning this administration has been lying about what happened. so exactly why i don't know. they are going to have to answer it. and ex-is september for now, you know -- except for now, you know, fox and a little bit, a few other media outlets, most
10:26 pm
of the main media -- >> greta: i guess there is that wonderful technical problem again. so we have lost mayor giuliani. i don't think we will make him stick around again because it is freezing cold in ohio and he was brave enough to stick through the last technical problem. i will say thank you to the mayor in case he is able to hear me. actually i'm now told he is back. let me switch gears before i lose you again. in terms of you said today that he is the worst president for our economy in our lifetime. the economy is making some movement up. so why do you say he is the worst? the trend is not downward. go ahead. >> our unemployment rate got worse today rather than better the reality is -- and 7.9% unemployment. last month it was 7.8% unemployment. this is pathetic. 1.2% growth, 2% growth for our
10:27 pm
economy our size. the president of the united states promised us growth two or three times this and told us if he didn't get it he wasn't going to run for are reelection. based on his own analysis of himself this has been a failure. this is an anemic recovery with policies holding back the ability of this economy to really recover. is why i so strongly support mitt romney. the policies he has put into effect will allow our now recover. it is trying to recover and the policies are barack obama are holding back be that recovery. >> the controversy of governor chris christie. some said he should redeclare his support for governor romney prior to tuesday. do you think that is important? would you like to see that? >> no, i know who chris supports. he supports mitt romney. i understand what happens when the president came there. the reality is the president did in the first couple of days of hurricane sandy the president did keep his eye on the ball and did h help, new
10:28 pm
jersey, and new york and elsewhere. last couple of days, awol on that as well while people are suffering. bodies beinged. gas lines where people are shooting my goodness and the president of the united states runs off to nevada once again being the campaigner in chief rather than the commander in chief. which s what happened in benghazi. the president's focus is on the cam tape and not on protecting american lives and not getting to the answers of what happened to those people who were slaughtered in benghazi. he s campaigning rather than acting as commander are in chief. >> greta: you bring up benghazi again. i note that governor romney isn't talking about benghazi. some of you brought it up. why isn't governor romney speaking about benghazi? >> well, i mean i think the reality is that the campaign, the romney campaign believes it will all bedecided on the economy and probably any time spent on anything else isn't
10:29 pm
really going to register with voters and the way the mainstream media has sort of covered up benghazi sometimes you feel like you are talking to yourself when you are talking about it. >> greta: mayor, thank you and -- >> it is a shame because i think -- okay. >> greta: go ahead. >> i said it is a shame because i think this is beyond republican/democrat, beyond this election. these people died. i don't believe they had to die. i think when the full store arery of this comes out this is going to be a really unbelievable scandal. >> greta: mayor, thank you, sir. i know it is cold so especially a big thank you. thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> greta: coming up, a republican running for congress. also the first female fighter pilot to fly in combat. what does she say is the real war on women? she is here to tell you next. also, has the presidential race already been called? really. one analyst has already counted [ dennis ] it only took two minutes for this town to be destroyed.
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>> greta: martha mcsally is a woman on a mission. the air force veteran was the first female pilot to fly in combat, flying into iraq and actually throughout the middle east. now, her new mission, she is running for congress. the arizona republican candidate running for former representative gabrielle giffords seat. we invited congressman barbour to join us tonight and he declined due to a scheduling issue. right now, martha joins us.
10:34 pm
dean. >> thanks for having me on. >> happy to have you on and i wanted to have you on because i wanted to discuss the topic of war on women because you are a republican and the democrats talk about war on women and i have seen an ad which talks about all of the things that you doll, negative ads and both sides run negative ads. i'm curious as to your thoughts on the war on women. >> this is a distraction to what is really needed and what is going on in the country. my opponent is playing right out of the party playbook. first trying to scare seniors and the latest a sexist attack on me. this is just ridiculous. i'm a woman warrior. i have been fighting for womens rights around equality my whole life both in the military and in the middle east. i asked him why don't you walk a mile in my shoes down the streets of kabul and riyadh where women are honor killed
10:35 pm
after they have been raped and a 14-year-old girl is nearly assassinated for standing up for girl's education. this is a real war on women. at home the women in my community and around the country are look for jobs. they are looking for affordable healthcare. they are looking for social security and medicare that is going to last for them and the next generation and a good education for their kids. that is what people are looking for and this is a distraction in order to scare women and get votes. >> greta: interesting this war on women. i where have been lucky enough to travel the world. you have done it out of duty and admire any one who is serves in the air force. when you travel the world you see -- i'm not saying the american men don't need a little help sometimes and we need to set them straight. for the most part this war on women when you see what goes on, the 14-year-old girl that was shot in pakistan because she dared to defy the taliban and work for education. and by the way, you actually sued the military as a
10:36 pm
lieutenant colonel when you were active. tell me what happened. >> well, it is an 8 year story but for six years i tried to take on the pentagon and have them change a policy where the made the u.s. service women wear muslim garb off base in saudi arabia. i stood up against it and put my career on the line. from the day i entered the air force academy my oath of office is to the constitution only and leadership means standing up even if you have to stand alone. i filed a lawsuit and used what i learned as a legislative fellow and got the legislation written sponsored on both sides of the aisle and passed a law to overturn the policy for once and for all. that was just totally wrong, unconstitutional and bad for the mission. >> greta: that might have been a war on women. what did you fly? >> it i flew the 810 warthog
10:37 pm
which is the world's best attack war plane. we show up when americans are on the ground and under fire and we he deliver firepower so they can live to fight another day and get home to their families. >> and that is single see the aircraft. up there as a fighter pilot alone just as the men are, right? >> exactly. 325 hours in combat and i had the privilege to be the first woman to command a fighter squadron in ca combat in u.s. history. i commanded my squadron in a very difficult time. >> we will be anxious to see what happens on tuesday. >> we are neck and neck and we are going to fight to the finish. i still need people's help out there. we got to fight down to the wire. it will be a sprint and i really appreciate you having me on. we're going to win. >> greta: coming up, it is so close, the battle for wisconsin. in 2008 the badger state went for president obama big time but governor scott walker says he has good reason to think that has changed. you will hear from governor walker and our political panel
10:38 pm
next. and in two minutes a change of course. big news about the new york city marathon. will the race go on in the storm ravaged city. we will bring you the latest i know the name of eight princesses. i'm an expert on softball. and tea parties. i'll have more awkward conversations than i'm equipped for because i'm raising two girls ony own. i'll worry about the economy more than a few times before they're grown. but it's for them, so i've found a way. who matters most to you says the most about you. massmutual is owned by our policyholders so they matter most to us. massmutual. we'll help you get there.
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hurricane sandy about you the a stop to the world's largest marathon. tonight the mayor announcing the new york city marathon canceled. the mayor reversing course after a giant backlash over plans to allow the race to go on. earlier this week, sandy hit new york city hard and right now thousands still without power. some struggling get food and even water. many insisting police should not be used to protect a marathon during a time of crisis and generators should not be used to power finish line tents when so many are without water and electricity. under mounting criticism the mayor can sellin set selling t.
10:41 pm
was it the right decision to cancel the marathon? go to greta wire .com and tell us. we are back in two minutes. [ rosa ] i'm rosa and i quit smoking with chantix.
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common side effects include nausea, trouble sleeping and unusual dreams. it helps to have people around you... they say, you're much bigger than this. and you are. [ male announcer ] ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. >> live from america's news headquarters, i'm marianne rafferty. the lights are on again in lower manhattan, four days after monster storm sandy knocked them out. power returning to most of the city tonight. nearly 4 million people in new york and surrounding states are devastated by the storm and still don't have electricity t. could be weeks before the hardest-hit areas get it back. thousands are in need of water, food and fuel. sandy claiming more than 100 lives across 10 states. there are reports of increased case of cholera in storm-ravaged haiti. doctors without borders has seen nearly a thousand patients at the cholera treatment centers.
10:44 pm
haiti was spared a direct hit. but 54 people were killed. for your latest headliance, go to rafferty. now, back to "on the record." >> greta: wisconsin is in play and governor scott walker insisting the romney ryan ticket will benefit from the governor's groundwork during his recall election. >> you take all of the work that was done early this year when we made four and a half million voter context in a state of 5.7 million. tens of thousands of volunteers help us in my election earlier this year and that excitement continued on. >> greta: does governor walk veronica moser a point? joining us our political panel in new york, rick klein and here in washington the hills managing editor bob cusack and john mccormick. rick, first to you, governor walker have a point, in 2008, president obama won by 14 big points. >> that's right. if you look back at wisconsin
10:45 pm
in 2000, 2004 two of the tightest races you can imagine. both of those cases you had a very, very narrow democratic victory. 2008 i think was an anomaly and then you have governor sidewalker's successful effort to beat the recall this year and you have some evidence of wisconsin voters listening to a republican message and most importantly this year outperforming the polls. governor walker did much better than any one thought he did. he was able to easily withstand the national attention and national money. makes it a target rich environment for mitt romney. although it has religio only bn the last couple of weeks he made a big effort there. they haven't put a lot of resources into wisconsin except in the last couple of weeks. >> the recall effort helped republicans because the ground game, obama's ground game across the country is better than romney's. and so i think because of the recall effort the republicans are running neck and neck. i think the republicans mitt romney has a better chance to win wisconsin than he does
10:46 pm
nevada. nevada the ground game, harry reid's political machine, i think obama is going to win, nevada. >> greta: you are from wisconsin, john, and you were just there. >> i was. everywhere you go you meet people who voted for obama the last time and are going to vote for mitt romney this time around. you have a lot of people switching sides over theret wal energized republicans and brought independents into the republican party who liked what scott walker was doing. there are couple of problems facing mitt romney. one is that the recall electorate that gave scott walker a 7 point margin of victory supported obama. there is still a problem there of 500,000 voters who came out in 2008 who didn't come out out in the recall. people think those are obama voters and if they come out that could spell bad news. >> greta: bart star now endorsed governor romney and in
10:47 pm
wisconsin he is a big deal. does is it have any impact? >> he is a big deal. but president obama had charles woodson the other day. if aaron rodgers had been there on the ground probably a 20 point holdout for mitt romney. >> standing by for brett favre. >> thatle be the big get, that's right. >> let's remember that john kerry called lambeau field lambert and he won wisconsin that year. >> i think thought he won wisconsin that year. >> greta: when said lambert you can hear everyone gasp. >> that hurt obviously. >> we have much more straight ahead. one political analyst just called the race for president. find out hot analyst is and who he -- who the analyst is and he -- who the analyst is and who hehehehehe [ male announcer ] you are a business pro. governor of getting it done. you know how to dance... with a deadline. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle... and go.
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>> greta: still four days to go but michael barone looking at the map, analyzing it and concluding governor romney will wind handily. barone predicting governor romney will get 315 electoral votes and president obama will get 223. we are back with the political panel. rick, this is going out on a limb. did analysis and spent a lot of time on this one. >> he is in the minority of
10:52 pm
thinking this is a blowout for either candidate particularly for mitt romney. the momentum in the last couple of days has been on obama's side. i think since sandy hit it stopped mitt romney in his tracks and kind of paused the race for a couple of days. i have a hard time seeing all of the states break in one direction. it can happen certainly within the margin of error in all of the states but you look at the national map and battleground map that has president obama running fairly strongly and leading in most of the battleground states including critical, ohio. and it is hard to see how he gets blown out of the water by mitt romney. i don't see this as being a 300 plus electoral right for mitt romney. >> greta: he hangs his hat largely on the independents. that is why he says this is going to break for romneyly think the independents will break for romney. i doubt it will be that much. i agree with rick it will be tighter than that. i don't see romney winning, pennsylvania. i think he has got to win, ohio. the problem for romney is numbers among hispanics very
10:53 pm
poor. they were aiming for 38% of hispanics and they are in the low 20s now. can he win in the midwest where there aren't a lot of hispanics? yes. he has to win, ohio, and virginia and he has got to win florida. >> i think we are heading into a 2004 nail biter. look at the polls in ohio, today barack obama is almost exactly where george w. bush was in the polls in ohio 8 years ago. look at the job approval ratings, barack obama's job approval rating is almost exactly where george w. bush's approval rating is. the only thing looking better for romney at this point is obama is worse off in the polls. george w. bush had a 1.5 percentage-point lead going into election day and right now it is even. >> greta: rick what is the best thing politically that governor romney is looking at right now, when looks at this and what is the best thing politically president obama is looking at when they look at what is winding down between now and tuesday? >> romney looks at the number among independents and also looks at the possibility of building this national lead and i think closing on the economy.
10:54 pm
closing with what works for him in terms of making the argument he is the candidate of change. he has to hope for a big weekend to turn things around a little bit in terms of the close and i think president obama has to feel good about how things developed the last couple of days and point out the independents are not like independents in previous cycle. losing among independents may not be the same as it was four or eight years ago. >> greta: bob, what about benghazi. governor romney doesn't mention it, his surrogates do and we certainly discussed it here. any bearing at all on this? >> i think slight. not a lot. if you are on the fence benghazi certainly does not help the president. the president has been focusing on osama bin laden and the fact that he is dead. benghazi if you are on the fence maybe you vote against the president. but one way or the other a lot of people are for romney or obama and nobody is changing their mind. >> coming up, vice president biden taking a stab at late
10:55 pm
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>> greta: 11:00 is almost here, flash studio lights, it's time for last call. vice president biden making an appearance with david letterman delivering top 10 list of reasons to vote early. >> vote early you don't have to pay taxes. i'm sorry. i'm being told that is not accurate. are you single and looking to mingle? you can find that special someone. don't you want this election over with already? >> thank you for being with us tonight. be sure to tune in sunday night for a special live on the record 10:00 p.m. they'll be here and more. sunday night, a live show, be here. right now go to you can blog and let us know what


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